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Need a new or updated Affirmative Action Plan?

The latest regulations and compliance requirements are addressed in a comprehensive Affirmative Action Plan created specifically for your company. We make sure your company meets Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs standards.

Facing an OFCCP audit of your Affirmative Action Plan?

Get expert audit support through the entire process of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs audit, from beginning to end. Our team has experience in handling every facet of the auditing process and will work directly with the OFCCP to help your business.

Who needs an Affirmative Action Plan?

Businesses that have:

50+ employees OR

$50,000+ Federal contracts or subcontracts OR

Government Bills of Lading totaling $50,000 or more in 12 Months OR

Depository of Government Funds OR

An intent to identify barriers in minority hiring

U.S. Supreme Court rules "separate but equal" doctrine violates Constitution
Civil Rights Act renders discrimination illegal in the workplace
In 1967, President Lyndon B. Johnson introduced the concept of Affirmative Action
U.S. Supreme Court upholds Affirmative Action program by vote of four to three

Preparing your Affirmative Action Plan

Narrative Information

The narrative portion of your Affirmative Action Plan must designate an EEO Coordinator who is responsible for the completion of the AAP. This individual must have the authority, resources, support of and access to top management to ensure effective implementation of the Affirmative Action Plan. Typically the OFCCP likes to have an executive name as Director of Equal Opportunity Programs.

Workforce Data

This file addresses every active, full–time, part–time and temporary employee who was working on the effective day of your Affirmative Action Plan year. For example, if your plan year begins on January 1st, the data covers those employees who were active employees on January 1 of the plan’s year.

Management Presentations

One of the requirements of an Affirmative Action Plan under §60–2.17(d)(3 & 4) is the review of results with all levels of management. This includes advising top management of program effectiveness with recommendations to improve unsatisfactory performance.

We are there to help you by preparing a PowerPoint presentation for submitting to management. We are also available to do the management and staff presentations for you.