Affirmative Action Planning & Services

Affirmative Action Plan Preparation

Delivering top tier planning and support, each of our plans include all of the mandated elements of an Affirmative Action Plan.

On-site OFCCP Compliance Representation

Our years of experience help guide you through the complicated maze of Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and audits and the constantly changing requirements & regulations.

Presentations to Management and Employees

We are experienced in preparing PowerPoint presentations for delivery to your team explaining your Affirmative Action Plan requirements and progress.

Workforce Data Preparation

This report addresses every active, full–time, part–time and temporary employee who was working on the effective day of your Affirmative Action Plan year.

Statistical Reports

Every plan we prepare includes the required Workforce Analysis & Annotations, Job Group Analysis & Annotations, Availability (using new 2–Factor) Analysis, Utilization Summary, Goals & Goals Progress Reports.

Adverse Impact Analysis

Our plans include an Adverse Impact Analysis of applicant flow, hires, promotions and terminations; the 80% Rule, the Two Standard Deviation, and Fisher’s Exact tests used by the OFCCP during compliance audits.